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The Well of Experiences:

Your horse's experiences are like drops of water in a vessel. If his well is filled with mostly positive experiences, he will expect positive things in new situations. If his well is filled with negative "drops" - negative experiences, he will expect negative things in new situations. Just as you can over fill a vessel with drops of water, replacing what was held within it; you can also add positive "drops" to your horse's "well" until the negatives have been replaced. Unfortunately, negative experiences are also drops in his well of experiences and even the most positively, lovingly handled horse can be changed by brutality. Be fully aware always of the types of signals you give to your horse.

Trail Rides are available to Riding Students of Intermediate level.


Workshop & Clinic Info:

Harmony with Horses Workshop:
Find the balance between kindness and maintaining boundaries with horses. There is never a reason for brutality when we communicate clearly and consistently with horses. One important practice is to never rush forward with the training of horse (or rider) - Timing really is the key. This program uses demonstration horse(s) in a lecture, demo, question format to explore how we humans influence equines with every movement and intention we express.

Phytotherapy for Horses Workshop:
This workshop follows the curriculum of Katharine's class from the DABCC of NMSU. It explores the use of Herbs, Essential Oils and Flower Essences in the healing of horses and the support of that good health. Through Plant Therapies and fresh food diets, we can avoid many diseases and disorders as well as heal the imbalances that have surfaced.

Phytotherapy for Dogs:

This is the College Class Katharine now teaches everywhere. It explores the use of Herbs, Flower Essences and Essential oils for dogs to support and heal their physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Dressage Basics as Therapy Clinic:
In this Clinic, Katharine teaches the use of the balanced, strengthening movements of Dressage to help support the healing of physical and emotional disorders in horses and riders. Offering Private sessions and Group Classes with auditors, this Clinic provides 2 to 3 days of joyful work with you and your horse in a non-aggressive atmosphere.

Confidence Building for Horses Clinic:
A systematic process of helping horses build trust in trustworthy humans through kindness and patience with NO desensitizing!

Gentle Gymnastics with Horses Clinic:
Here we use cross rails, pole patterns and low jumping grids to develop the agility and suppleness of the horse gymnastically. This is a group experience with repeating sessions to gradually increase abilities and confidence in both partners over a 2 day period.

Classical Dressage Clinic:
In typical Clinic Style, Katharine brings her decades of experience studying Classical Horsemanship to the horse and rider seeking communication and softness - compassion, not compulsion!

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Lessons are available in several formats.
We provide everything needed.
Students should wear long pants or breeches and

boots or shoes with a low heel.
The lesson starts at the time scheduled.
Weather can postpone a lesson - it will be rescheduled.
48 hours notice is required to cancel/postpone a lesson (emergencies taken into consideration).
Packages are for weekly scheduling - contact us for other prices.

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