Reiki energy healing is a modality of gentle and compassionate care. *

Sessions here (human): $75.00 each.

Sessions on nearby horses (Las Cruces, NM): 75.00 each ~ distant horses require several to treat/or mileage fee.

Our Basic Philosophy for Life and the Peace of Mind that comes with Balance: Good health is the natural condition & we nourish it with everything we do.

*We teach Holistic life choices for people & animals through integrative, organic models that heal.

Reiki Energy Healing is the ancient hands on method of aligning the energy flow to facilitate healing:

  • Reiki is a healing and balancing system originating from ancient Tibet, reawakened in Japan that now anchors peace, compassion and healing all over the world.
  • The practitioner uses his/her hands to focus the energy that flows to the being in need of balance.
  • The practitioner is simply a conduit for the healing energy.
  • There are 3 levels of application of Reiki - a Reiki Master passes the attunements that open the flow within a practitioner.
  • It is widely used in hospitals and Veterinary clinics.

Katharine is a Reiki level 3 Master Teacher of the Usui Lineage and Tibetan, modern tradition since 1996.


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