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Chamomile  is known as a blood cleanser and pain reliever - see more

Aloe Vera is essentially a "medicine chest" in a thick, juicy leaf. The clear, viscous gel inside of the spiked leaves of this plant is used all over the world to heal many disorders and injuries - see more

CLEAVERS are an important herb for owners of gray horses! They possess strong anti-tumor properties when used internally and - see more

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Barley is a Cereal that is used wild or cultivated. The seed/grain is removed from the whiskered awns for use as food and medicine - see more

Almond nut kernels provide healing and nourishing food and oil.For young animals and humans - see more

Burdock "Arctium lappa" - Burdock is a blood purifier, system cleanser that is considered safe for our dogs, our horses and for us. It is used as a liver tonic - see more

the Art of Holistic horsemanship at the dharmahorse equine sanctuary

Alfalfa - Medicago sativa Alfalfa is a legume that makes a fine addition to the diets of horses, dogs and humans by adding minerals, vitamins (especially the precursor to Vitamin A - beta carotene) and complex proteins - see more

Anise Seed Pimpinella anisum, contains up to 6% volatile oils (including anethole) that provide the antispasmodic, expectorant, gas relieving and colic soothing properties which make it a very proper herb for use for horses -see more