the Art of Holistic horsemanship at the dharmahorse equine sanctuary

Naturalpaths  Riding Academy

Classes for ages 10 to 18 years. Learn effective horsemanship skills from grooming and saddling to communication skills to riding all of the horse's gaits and after care.

Please note: Equines (horses, ponies, donkeys and mules) are large animals who often react instinctively to situations with a flight response. If you are not an experienced trainer or rider, we suggest you find experienced, compassionate help when working with horses to avoid injury. Our stories and articles are offered as information only and are not to be considered "coaching". When it comes to health and healing: illness and injury require the attention of a health care practitioner. We offer our experiences as information only.

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Classes for ages 4 to 9 years. Offering task oriented, focus building games and mounted exercises to develop and support balance, patience and self esteem.

Elder Equestrian

Classes for 18 years and over riders. Basic Balance Seat equitation is the foundation for these classes where riders can specialize in Dressage, Gentle Jumping and/or Trail basics.

For consultations on natural health & healing - contact us.

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Pee Wee

Classes for the mature person wanting to return to or continue riding and for those wishing to pursue an old dream of being with horses. Easy, structured riding with proper equipment.

Young Rider

Non-toxic, Holistic methods of schooling, healing and horse care.

Therapeutic Services:
Contact us for information on riding therapy and equine assisted programs.

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